Class Of 2015 Player Watch: Evan Boudreaux

By Roy & Harv Schmidt

June 4, 2012

1:45 P.M. CST

At the Chicago Best Buy Classic which took place over Memorial Day weekend the Team NLP 16-Under traveling team was super-pooled and with good reason--they sport two of the top prospects in Illinois from the class of 2015.  Most everyone knows about 6'1 guard Jalen Brunson but word is just starting to get out on  Evan Boudreaux

Boudreaux is a 6'7 power forward from Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, IL.  We had the opportunity to get a good look at his game in Team NLP's 64-52 victory over the Eric Gordon All-Stars in the Gold Division bracket of the 16-Under tournament at Best Buy.

From what we have witnessed from Boudreaux thus far, it is easy to see why he has already received a scholarship offer from Northwestern University and head coach Bill Carmody.  Simply put, Boudreaux is well-schooled, fundamentally sound and has a skill set that is in many ways reminiscient of former Wildcat great Evan Eschmeyer.

Boudreaux has tremendous offensive versatility for a young big man.  He is a consistent scorer in the post, as he has good hands and does a good job of establishing post position and utilizing his strength.  But that is not all--Boudreaux has also shown that he is capable of facing up and knocking down shots out to 3-point land and that he can put the ball on the floor.  Although Boudreaux did not shoot the ball particularly well in the game we watched at Best Buy, he has good form and rotation and does not take bad shots.

Most of the talk pertaining to the class of 2015 in Illinois centers around the abundance of talented guards and wings.  But make no mistake about it--Boudreaux has proven that he ranks right near the top of the of the list when it comes to front court prospects from that class.  There is no question that he has unlimited potential and possesses considerable up side.


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