DePaul Continues To Utilize LaLumiere Pipeline To Land Key Transfer

By Roy & Harv Schmidt

July 2, 2017

6:00 P.M. CST

OK--so new DePaul assistant coach Shane Heirman won't succeed in getting EVERY recruit who played for him at LaLumiere to come to DePaul or stay there.  After all, Brian Bowen committed to Louisville, plus sophomore forward Al Eichelberger ended up transferring from DePaul to Cleveland State.  But make no mistake about it--his value to the recruiting efforts of the Blue Demon's men's basketball program is already proving to pay dividends and then some.  Simply put, Heirman is doing exacly what he got hired to do--utilize his strong connection as the ex-coach of one of the top prep school basketball programs in the nation to attract Big East caliber recruits to Lincoln Park.  

Once again, Heirman has done just that, as Jalen Coleman-Lands committed to DePaul and head coach Dave Leitao today. He took an official visit to the Lincoln Park campus early last month.  Illinois Prep Bulls-eye was the first to report news of Coleman-Lands' visit to DePaul and to predict his commitment, even though it ended up taking longer than we initially expected.  Coleman-Lands confirmed the commitment himself via his Twitter account.

Coleman-Lands ended up choosing the Blue Demons over Xavier and Gonzaga, both of whom received official visits in addition to DePaul.  But the reality of the situation is that from the moment he announced that he was transferring from the University Of Illinois, everyone who followed common logic knew where Coleman-Lands would ultimately be headed.

Coleman-Lands' commitment may have happened even sooner if it weren't for the fact that he was simply waiting to be granted his full release, which the University of Illinois ultimately ended up doing.  Once that happened, he immediately set up his official visit to DePaul and his eventual commitment pretty much became a formality.

Needless to say, as he was with LaLumiere 2018 point guard Tyger Campbell, Heirman was the driving force behind enabling the commitment from Coleman-Lands to come about.  However, Leitao also did a tremendous job of following up and letting Coleman-Lands know how much he wanted him.  Coleman-Lands enjoys a strong, close relationship with Heirman that goes back to when he first started playing for him at LaLumiere.

There is no question that Leitao and his staff have been intent on adding shooters as part of their recruiting focus and with that said, Coleman-Lands fits the bill in that area.  Add in the fact that he can defend well on the wing and also score in the open floor, and Coleman-Lands should prove to be a valuable asset in a year alongside Max Strus and Austin Grandstaff, enabling the Blue Demons to spread the court even more, play up-tempo and utilize each player's strong shooting skills.

Coleman-Lands will be have to sit out the 2017-18 season but will have two years of eligibility at DePaul beginning in 2018-19.


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