Class Of 2020 Player Watch: Demarius Splunge

By Roy & Harv Schmidt

June 15, 2017

10:30 A.M. CST

The 2020 class in Illinois has rapidly emerged as one of the most talented and deeper classes in the state.  And with that being the case, it means that a number of prospects continue to come out of the woodwork and make names for themselves.

One player who has done just that is 6'5 2020 combo guard Demarius Splunge from Clark High School in Chicago.  Splunge caught our attention with a strong performance at the recently concluded University At Illinois-Chicago Team Camp, where he was one of the better players in attendance.  As a result, Splunge succeeded in landing his first D1 scholarship offer courtesy of Flames' head coach Steve McClain.

Splunge plays his high school basketball for Terry Head, who has definitely uncovered his share of "hidden gems" during his coaching tenure in the Chicago Public League, the most notable being Lavonte Dority (South Florida) and Mike McCall (St. Louis).  He is the leader of a young and talented team that could surprise a lot of people next season in the highly competitive Red-West section.

To put everything in perspective, we really like Splunge's versatile skill set.  Above all else, he has outstanding ball skills which allow him to consistently get to the basket and is active in the paint area.  While Splunge may be more of a 2-guard at this time because of how he is used, we can easily see him projecting as a point guard at the college level.

In addition, we are extremely impressed with Splunge's demeanor.  Although he is quiet away from the court, he appears focused on what he needs to do to get even better.  Splunge has a great overall feel for the game and is extremely composed on the court.

While Splunge sports considerable potential, we would like to see him expand his game even further, particularly with respect to developing greater shooting range and becoming stronger.  But make no mistake about it--from what we have seen Splunge appears to be highly coachable and has the talent to rank among the top five 2020 prospects in Illinois.  As Splunge continues to progress, we hope everyone remembers that once again Illinois Prep Bulls-eye is where you heard about him first! 


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